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*Trumpet sound*: I’m excited to announce the launch of my NEW ILLUSTRATION WEBSITE! This site features a new logo, vertical layout, responsive design, and brand new work. Take ‘er for a spin! Shop is coming soon and will feature limited edition screen prints and digital prints for sale. Check back for new pieces and updates.



A stack of printed postcards. labels, and stamps (I think you know where I’m going with this). I just received my postcards in mail and am gearing up the big summer promotional mailing. Art directors, creatives, and designers, make room for the Ladies in Red!

If you’re curious, I order my postcards from Modern Postcard and am consistently pleased with the quality. There’s always a moment of panic when they send you the “digital proof” (which is just a layout preview) and you see your color and contrast out of whack. In my experience, the proof tends to look really dark and saturated on-screen, but the printed postcards always turn out beautifully.

NEWNEWWEBprinted cards stamps