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*Trumpet sound*: I’m excited to announce the launch of my NEW ILLUSTRATION WEBSITE! This site features a new logo, vertical layout, responsive design, and brand new work. Take ‘er for a spin! Shop is coming soon and will feature limited edition screen prints and digital prints for sale. Check back for new pieces and updates.



An animated GIF experiment illustrating how to grow an organic herb garden. Not very informative or season appropriate, but fun nonetheless!


Welcome to Cave Tribe Island where Southwest meets the Stone Age in this blanketed, chocolate paradise. Mind the snakes and charm the dwellers, you’ll do just fine. That sun is a scorcher, make friends or grab a blanket! The idea for this island came about after a trip to Sedona this Spring, a welcome change from the polar vortex. Could have curled up in that sun forever.

More to come…











Imperfect Union e-book

The series of illustrations I completed for Eric Black’s ‘Imperfect Union’ ( is now available as e-book. Check it out here!

“In the book, MinnPost’s national correspondent argues that the U.S. Constitution contributes to gridlock in Washington and other structural problems with our politics, giving us a Congress and a Presidential election process detached from the principle of one-person, one-vote, an unelected Supreme Court with extraordinary power over both the laws and how the political system works, and an amendment process that makes it almost impossible to change the two-century-old words that drive our system.” – MinnPost

With spring (and flurries of pollen) in the air,  I wanted to create something new, light, and colorful. This is 1 of 2 illustrations I’ve recently finished which focus on the body, mind, and spirit. I’m adding color to the second illustration and will post it later this week. Thanks, by the way, for visiting my blog. I’m happy to have you here:)