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*Trumpet sound*: I’m excited to announce the launch of my NEW ILLUSTRATION WEBSITE! This site features a new logo, vertical layout, responsive design, and brand new work. Take ‘er for a spin! Shop is coming soon and will feature limited edition screen prints and digital prints for sale. Check back for new pieces and updates.



Being the NPR nerd (enthusiast) that I am, I thought it would be a fun challenge to develop a concept for This American Life. I wanted the illustration to capture little pieces of America which come together in a folk-art inspired, stacked landscape.

These little pockets of life include a looming big city, a pancake flippin’ lumberjack cabin, a bustling apartment complex, a cookie cutter suburb, a bonafide hippie camp, and a black sheep farm.

Extra points if you can name that big city…
Fun Fact: Adventures in Babysitting used one of those buildings in a scene. (Imagine a miniature Elizabeth Shue).



Little Pockets:

Preview Linework small



I had the honor of being chosen as the local Illustrator in Georgia to participate in a project with Siegal and Gale. Artists were chosen from several states to illustrate a concept for their state, which was featured on an American Express window decal. The sticker is featured throughout stores in Atlanta (thanks for the picture Adam!) and highlights various Atlanta-themed icons.

Alternate sketch ideas:




Atlanta Icons

Final Point of Purchase Decal: