I had the great opportunity to illustrate the 2015 Best of MN cover for the Star Tribune. You can’t beat summer in Minnesota, it’s a beautiful and euphoric time of the year. If only it could last a little longer…


Close ups:
Rough Sketch:
In print!






“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” – Albert Einstein.

Just finished this illustration for my spring promotional mailer. It’s based off the mysterious phenomenon called the Colony Collapse Disorder – in which researchers estimate that nearly one-third of all honeybee colonies in the country have disappeared. The cause of their disappearance is still unclear, though scientists are looking to pathogens, pesticides, and beekeeping practices as a potential strain on their fragile immune systems. Honeybees are essential to our ecosystem and responsible for nearly a third of our food supply including almonds, avocados, broccoli, cherries and strawberries to name a few. Read more about it here.

Hug a Honeybee today!




A stack of printed postcards. labels, and stamps (I think you know where I’m going with this). I just received my postcards in mail and am gearing up the big summer promotional mailing. Art directors, creatives, and designers, make room for the Ladies in Red!

If you’re curious, I order my postcards from Modern Postcard and am consistently pleased with the quality. There’s always a moment of panic when they send you the “digital proof” (which is just a layout preview) and you see your color and contrast out of whack. In my experience, the proof tends to look really dark and saturated on-screen, but the printed postcards always turn out beautifully.

NEWNEWWEBprinted cards stamps

New promotional mailer to hit the mailboxes this summer. It’s untitled, though I quite like Modern Postcard’s title: “Ladies in Red” (cue the 80’s song) for production reference.


Close ups:


Don’t mind the pun, I couldn’t help myself. This piece was spawned from a tiny thumbnail I drew while waiting in the doctor’s office. I find I do my best work when I’m quarantined.

I wanted to play around with dimension, pattern/texture swatches, and mixed media. It will fit nicely within the larger collection of tiny islands I’m currently working on. More of that to come…

process sketch




So many vaccines! I recently had the pleasure of illustrating for Hour Detroit Magazine (the headline and text block will go on the right in the bald grassy area). The article explains how vaccines work to prevent diseases and how people of all ages should get their vaccines, even if they “never get the flu” (for example). Sound like someone you know? The main point of the article is you’re not just protecting yourself, but those all around you.

“But as common as vaccines are today — and as long as they have been around — they’ve remained confusing and controversial. In addition, sometimes people think a particular disease is no longer a threat, and then stop vaccinating for it. The spread of inaccurate information via the Internet is a major fuel for this and other false information.” – Sheryl James

Read the article here.


Imperfect Union e-book

The series of illustrations I completed for Eric Black’s ‘Imperfect Union’ ( is now available as e-book. Check it out here!

“In the book, MinnPost’s national correspondent argues that the U.S. Constitution contributes to gridlock in Washington and other structural problems with our politics, giving us a Congress and a Presidential election process detached from the principle of one-person, one-vote, an unelected Supreme Court with extraordinary power over both the laws and how the political system works, and an amendment process that makes it almost impossible to change the two-century-old words that drive our system.” – MinnPost