Mail Me Art: Short and Sweet! Book & Exhibitions.

I’m happy to have received my Mail Me Art Short & Sweet book in the mail last week! It’s a very well designed compilation featuring a wide range of illustrations. It would appear that my piece was the only one that got bar-coded (*deflated trombone sound*), but I suppose that was one of the key objectives for this project. What happens (besides fear and anticipation) to an unprotected piece of artwork that boldly travels through the postal service? Soiled, ripped, or missing, you definitely take your chances!

It’s a beautifully printed book. If you’d like to get your mitts on one, visit the Mail Me Art site. All of the original art is for sale, with Animal AidWaterAid and the Teenage Cancer Trust each getting a percentage of the sales. Shop the Mail Me Art: Short and Sweet site.

Artists and Illustrators, if you’d like to participate in this project for next year, submissions will start September 2013. Check it out here!




This project is now on its third showing. If you happen to be in the Market Harborough area (UK), swing on by and check it out!

exhibition poster

Here are a few photos of the first exhibition at the Framer’s Gallery. Wish I could’ve gone!



Poster and exhibition photos courtesy of Mail Me Art.


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