Mail Me Art | Going Postal

Just completed my illustration for Mail Me Art, a project started by Darren Di Lieto of The Little Chimp Society. Mail Me Art is a project that has brought together an international community of artists and illustrators, amateur and professional alike, through art in the form of mail. The posted package itself is the work of art and, unlike a traditional letter or parcel, it is intended to be received and admired for it’s own sake.” – Darren Di Lieto

I wanted to continue to explore pattern, color, and dimension. The biggest challenge was working with my flimsy envelope.. although I found a thick layer of gesso accepted the gouache kindly.

There  are about 200 international artists participating in this project, I am happy to be one of them. The artwork will be published in a book entitled ‘Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet’ and exhibited at The Framers Gallery in London from 30th July – 3rd August 2013. If you are in town, check it out!

Now here’s hoping the postal gods were kind…





  1. GW said:

    Wish I could fly to London to see it on display (and maybe grab a beer too)…

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