Foxy Skate Deck and Velvet Yeti

A fun and important update: Starting last summer, I’ve had the exciting opportunity of teaching illustration classes at Emily Car University of Art and Design instructing students in courses such as: Decorative Illustration, Surface Illustration, and Editorial Illustration. It’s an honor to be a part of a creative community which boasts a wildly creative crop of students and faculty. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in a few exhibitions including an Illustrated Skate Deck show and a Velvet Painting Show. It’s been a new exploration of surfaces and materials.

My deck is on the left, happily hanging next to Durwin Talon and Guin Thompson’s Deck of (Perpetual Flights Studio). I took a more decorative approach, playing around with patterns and textures (*a good preview for some upcoming work I’ll be posting). I’ll post some better photos when I bring my PC back from the dead (*waving fist in air*).

My velvet painting – “Yeti’s Have Feelings Too” is nestled in between Baby Elvis and Baberaham Lincoln (by the talented Durwin Talon). Is it difficult to paint on Velvet you ask? Yes, for me it was the equivalent of dragging a dry brush over shag carpet and hoping to achieve any semblance of detail. Will you try it again? Not likely, but it was a really fun show! Everyone should try it at least once and appreciate your results with a monocle, cheap beer, and baloney sandwiches (that was our strategy anyway).


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