Growing Up Like Weeds…

This is a ginormous growth chart I made for a friend who’s boys are growing up like weeds.  It by far the largest watercolor I’ve ever done, but I really enjoyed the process. For reference, I looked at millions of beautiful wildflowers which sprawl up high in the hills of my aunt and uncle’s land in Decorah.

  1. Catherine said:

    That is so beautiful!!!!! Oh my god!! I love it!

  2. jaimeanderson said:

    Thanks Cat!

  3. Kristy said:

    Amazing! That’s some serious watercolor-ing!

  4. Irene said:

    Wow, Jamie really Beautiful! Man, you’re good!

  5. Dave Parkin said:

    Nice water color Jamie! What did you use for paper?

    • jaimeanderson said:

      Hey, thanks! I used Arches 150lb cold press. It took awhile to flatten it out, but it got the job done:)

      • David Parkin said:

        I figgured it must have been a heavy cold press. Looks great!

      • jaimeanderson said:


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