So excited to be a part of this year’s ARTCRANK MSP – The Poster Party for Bike People! My poster “The Cycle of Seasons” represents the changing of seasons in MN, escaping winter, and embracing spring.

The show was held at Fulton Brewery and showcased an outstanding line-up of local artists. To see photos from the opening night and posters from participating artists, take a peek here. Also, the poster sale has been extended through the end of August at Hamilton Ink Spot. Get there soon to see these well-crafted designs and one of a kind screen prints before they are all snatched up! Be sure to check out ARTCRANK MSP next year to celebrate local art, bikes, and craft beer!

Beautifully screenprinted by Steady Printshop.

Posters1 Posters2
Rough sketch:


New Illustration – The Hunters and the Hunted. I would tread lightly in these woods… Thanks to the Serial Podcast, I was able to sit down and knock this one out fairly quickly.

I reverted back to an old familiar technique here, using graphite on rag paper with digital color. Unintentionally, the color palette is hauntingly similar to the spooky “What Was I Scared of” Dr. Suess book! I think that one left a lasting impression on me as a kid. Nightmares of floating pants… (see below).



Dr. Suess

Happy New Year! It’s the year for fully embracing social media, I can feel it. I’m kicking off the new year by posting an illustration which was included in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Faculty Biennial show this past fall. The theme was the Wondrous, the Monstrous, and the Human. I was happy to be a part of this impressive and diverse show. For more information regarding the exhibition, you can read about it here.

May 2015 be sweet as honey!




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